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dream girl 2 review

Portraying womanhood with token sympathy and a superficial understanding, Dream Girl 2 reduces it to mere anatomy and phony comedy. The sequel fails to capture the essence that elevated its predecessor. The dated comic routine struggles to modernize a politically-incorrect premise, reminiscent of older comedies like Govinda’s films. Unlike Ayushmann’s earlier films, which often carried meaningful messages, Dream Girl 2 lacks substance.

The plot shifts from Mathura to Agra, as Karam’s Pooja voice gains a physical form when his debt-ridden father and lovelorn friend persuade him to work as a bar dancer and marry a depressed man named Shahrukh. Religion is not a contention, but the movie incessantly mentions shaadi (marriage) and nikaah (Islamic marriage). The film lacks a coherent story, relying instead on stale jokes and scenes of tomfoolery involving a cast of comic veterans.

Ayushmann’s cross-dressing attempts are commendable, yet the film’s low IQ humor and outdated gags disappoint. While he has fun with his role, the overall film raises doubts about its comedic effectiveness. Dream Girl 2 misses the opportunity to deliver meaningful comedy and falls short of capturing the essence of its predecessor.

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