Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Idalia Expected To Have A Major Category 3 Hurricane: Gulf Coast Urged to Prepare for Impact

The National Hurricane Center projects Hurricane Idalia to reach major category 3 status upon landfall, anticipated on Wednesday. Tallahassee to Sarasota identified as likely impact zone, while entire Gulf Coast advised to brace for high consequences. Hurricane and Tropical Storm Watches issued, potential upgrades to warnings expected.

Residents advised to complete hurricane preparations promptly, as tropical storm conditions forecasted to strike Gulf Coast by Tuesday. Warnings of impacts extending beyond the cone emphasize universal readiness. Explore disaster planning and emergency kits at:

Projected landfall as category 3 hurricane indicates 111-129 mph sustained winds near center, with category 1-2 strength as Idalia crosses state on Wednesday. Wind intensity of 74 mph to possibly 100+ mph near eyewall, accompanied by power outages, structural damage, and potential tornadoes in outer rain bands.

Life-threatening storm surge, particularly along Panhandle to south Peninsula, prompts posted watches. Anticipate 3-7 feet inundation in Tampa/St. Pete area, potential for up to 10 feet along Big Bend Coast.

Idalia’s track suggests 3-7″ average rainfall near path, up to 10+ inches locally. Inland Panhandle and Peninsula areas may receive 2-5″ rainfall, with localized higher amounts.

Priority on flood and surge-related safety due to tropical cyclone, advised to “hide from the wind, run from the water.” Evacuation orders expected along Gulf Coast, heeding county officials crucial. Supermoon heightens coastal flooding and storm surge risks during Tuesday-Wednesday period.

Urgent call for comprehensive planning, vigilant monitoring, and utilizing Florida Storms app for preparedness. Calm readiness prevents panic, offering peace of mind to well-prepared residents.

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