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onam 2023

The festivities of Onam, a 10-day-long harvest festival, will culminate on Tuesday (August 29). This period is marked by revelry, cultural exuberance, and communal harmony that unites people from diverse backgrounds. The state of Kerala in the southern region of India observes this festival with great zeal. During this time, men and women don the traditional kasavu attire, engaging in the creation of intricately designed floral patterns (rangoli) and indulging in a grand sadya (feast). Each of the ten days of Onam holds a unique importance for the people of Kerala.

The festivities inaugurated on August 20 with Atham, the initial day, and will draw to a close on Tuesday with Thiruvonam. The day prior, known as Uthradam, is a momentous occasion.

Uthradam is a day of welcoming the spirit of King Mahabali, a benevolent and virtuous ruler from the revered “Sukrutha Yuga” or the golden age. In certain regions of Kerala, Onam initiates on Uthradam. On this day, farmers present the entirety of their harvest, both substantial and modest, from the Nair household. These offerings are termed as Onakazhcha.

The eldest member of the family, known as the Karnavar, extends a warm reception to these farmers and reciprocates their gesture with delectable sweets.

The other days of celebration during Onam encompass Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, and Pooradam.

Onam transcends being solely a harvest festival; it symbolizes the celebration of Kerala’s cultural essence, unity, and the essence of altruism. It serves as a reminder of values like empathy, modesty, and the essence of community bonding. Onam is celebrated for elation and felicity upon countless hearts.

Moreover, Onam is adorned with traditional folk performances such as the mesmerizing Kathakali dance, the spirited Pulikali (tiger dance), and the graceful Thiruvathira Kali. These dance forms showcase the opulent cultural heritage of Kerala, captivating audiences with their vivid costumes, intricate makeup, and spirited presentations. The Kathakali dance, known for its elaborate storytelling and expressive gestures, presents a visual spectacle narrating mythological narratives and tales of valor.

In essence, Onam signifies more than merely a harvest festival; it encapsulates the celebration of Kerala’s cultural distinctiveness, harmony, and the spirit of benevolence. It underscores the significance of qualities like kindness, humility, and the essence of togetherness. Onam ushers in delight and jubilation in the hearts of millions.

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