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Vivek Ramaswamy's joint ticket with trump

Vivek Ramaswamy's joint ticket with trump

Indian-American 2024 United States presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy has alluded to the possibility of running on a joint ticket with former President Donald Trump as his running mate, should he fail to secure the Republican nomination. Ramaswamy’s remarks come shortly after he stated that he was solely interested in the role of president and no other position.

While Ramaswamy firmly believes that he can unite the nation as president, he hasn’t ruled out the idea of teaming up with the 77-year-old Trump as vice president, should Trump become the nominee for a third time. Speaking to Britain’s GB News, Ramaswamy emphasized that his focus is on revitalizing the country, and he envisions himself leading the movement from the White House.

He acknowledged his age advantage and humorously mentioned that he possesses “fresh legs” and is nearly half Trump’s age. Ramaswamy expressed his intent to have Trump serve as his esteemed adviser in the White House.

Rumors of a joint ticket gained momentum following the Trump campaign’s praise for Ramaswamy after the first Republican primary debate, where he emerged as a breakout star. Despite being an “outsider” with no prior experience as an elected official, Ramaswamy has pledged to pardon Trump for any federal convictions on his first day in office and continue Trump’s legacy with an “America First 2.0” agenda.

Although Ramaswamy had previously denied running as Trump’s vice president, his popularity and online fundraising have surged after his remarkable performance in the debate. A post-debate poll indicated that 28% of respondents viewed Ramaswamy as the standout performer.

Ramaswamy’s impressive showing on the debate stage made him the most Google-searched Republican candidate, according to Fox News. As Ramaswamy seeks to embody Trump’s approach, political experts and strategists are taking note of his potential candidacy.

Despite his legal challenges, Trump remains a leading contender for the Republican Party’s nomination. A recent poll shows Trump holding a significant lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the race for the nomination.

If chosen as Vice President and subsequently elected, Ramaswamy would be the second youngest individual ever to hold the position, following John Breckinridge, who assumed the role at the age of 36 during President James Buchanan’s administration.

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