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Vivek Ramaswamy on Strengthening US-India Relations

Vivek Ramaswamy on Strengthening US-India Relations

Vivek Ramaswamy, the youngest Republican presidential candidate at 38, envisions a future where a robust US-India relationship can enable the United States to achieve “independence” from its economic ties with China. In an interview with PTI, Ramaswamy highlighted the potential for a stronger partnership with India to reduce the US’s economic dependence on China, thereby reshaping global dynamics.

As he conducts a two-day tour in the significant State of Iowa, the location holds significance as it will kick off the 2024 Republican presidential primary season on January 15.

A second-generation Indian-American, Ramaswamy is notable for founding Roivant Sciences in 2014, leading to successful clinical trials and FDA-approved products. Despite facing skepticism about his foreign policy experience, Ramaswamy has developed his own vision for America’s global engagement.

He emphasizes the need for a more robust strategic relationship with India, including potential military collaboration in the Andaman Sea. Ramaswamy’s view extends to the significance of India’s role in controlling the Malacca Strait, a crucial passage for China’s oil supplies.

Amidst his ascent in polling numbers, with his position improving after the first presidential debate, Ramaswamy presents a unique perspective on US foreign policy. He argues that the US should prioritize protecting its homeland and focusing on combating the top threat, Communist China, rather than being entangled in engagements like Ukraine.

Ramaswamy’s belief in fostering a stronger US-India relationship resonates with the history of bipartisan support for such ties across presidential administrations. He commends Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership in India and expresses a commitment to enhancing the US-India relationship.

With his background as a successful entrepreneur and a young candidate, Ramaswamy brings a fresh perspective to the presidential race. His advocacy for a strong US-India partnership as a means to achieve economic independence from China sets the stage for a dynamic discussion on the future of American foreign policy.

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