Tue. May 28th, 2024
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Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur and owner of ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter), has set his sights on creating a competitor to the well-established professional networking platform, LinkedIn.

Musk, in response to a user’s criticism of LinkedIn on the microblogging platform ‘X,’ declared his intention to develop a more appealing alternative. He conveyed his reluctance to use LinkedIn due to its perceived “cringe level,” often prompting him to request resumes or bios via email instead. Musk assured users that his team at ‘X’ is determined to craft a LinkedIn rival that exudes a distinct sense of coolness and innovation.

With over 190K views on his ‘X’ post, Musk’s announcement resonated with many users who shared similar sentiments about LinkedIn. Numerous responses flooded in, expressing agreement with Musk’s assessment of LinkedIn’s shortcomings.

One user highlighted the issue of fabricated information on LinkedIn profiles, while another user suggested the name “Connections” for the potential LinkedIn competitor from ‘X.’ A third user praised the future potential of ‘X’ as a dynamic and cutting-edge social platform, making existing platforms obsolete.

‘X’ has recently introduced a beta version of a feature named ‘Hiring,’ aimed at rivaling professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. This feature comes at a monthly cost of $1000 (approximately ₹82,300) and demonstrates ‘X’s’ determination to innovate and challenge existing paradigms.

Elon Musk’s announcement has ignited curiosity among many, leaving them eager to learn more about this anticipated newcomer in the competitive professional networking space. As ‘X’ continues to redefine social media, the anticipation for its ‘X’ competitor to LinkedIn grows.

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